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Season 1

Background Design

BG Design Supervision by Katrien Verbiest; Art Direction by Matthias Bauer

Clean-up ONLY
Responsible for clean-up only. Rough by Austin Breed.

Roughs by Austin Breed, Axel Ortiz, Michaela Brannon, Emily Halaka, and Joe McCormick

BBGR_TrainlineEXT0001_CL_v01 rough by ax
BBGR_CampGrimsburgEXTArcheryRange0002_CL_v01 rough by joey mccormick.jpg

Color Supervision by Matt Lara; Art Direction by Matthias Bauer

Background Paint
BBGR_JedsCountryWestWingBarEXT0001DayC_CO_v02 copy.jpg
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